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Frequently Asked Questions...



How do I book an appointment?

Once you have been approved via the Digital Consultation Form, Sidney will reach out to you directly with instructions on what to book, and how to navigate her booking website, so you don't have to stress about booking the wrong thing!

On the
1st of every month, the schedule for the following month opens for bookingFor example, on January 1st, the schedule for the entire month of February becomes available.


How often will I need to maintain my color?
The best part about my signature balayage techniques, is they are customized just for you, your lifestyle, and budget! We will always discuss maintenance before we commit you to a new color.

Most clients are able to maintain their color with mini-services every 8-14 weeksbetween bigger sessions 1-2x per year.
How do I know which service to book?


There are descriptions of the New Client Packages  and what is included on Services page!

Your first session is likely going to take longer and cost more than your maintenance services to ensure plenty of time for your in-person consultation. After your first appointment, you will have access to my mini-service packages for existing clients.
What is "balayage"?

noun: balayage (balāˈyäZH)

  1. a technique for highlighting hair which is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

  2. French, literally ‘sweeping’, from balayer ‘to sweep’.

There are a variety of balayage techniques and color placements that can be chosen by your stylist to create the desired look you want!


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